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Gamblers Game

July 14, 2014
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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Dear misinformed,
I grieve to have to tell you I am not all I seem
& in the bravest of moments I have crumbled
Beneath the weight of this daydream

I want to walk on frozen limbs
& hold what was once mine
The lion doesn’t fear for man
While the lamb patiently abides

Perhaps deep down I’m a monster
I stand somewhere in between
I am savored not inhaled
Not man or beast or thing

I am the only unpredictable
In a string of constellations
The depth of one has outwitted me
& it burnt out all sensations

My love once held my hand
But it bartered for my soul
When I gave in, he wore out
& I learned your heart was a hole

Perhaps it was left by a girl before me
Someone who burrowed her way in
She left marks where her fingers graced you
The bruises are still covering your skin

I was a risk you were afraid to take
I could plant an unforgiving seed
& your heart might grow back
Like a parasite it feeds

Oh & he was shattered
In pages of chicken scratch poetry
& I was found amongst the rubble
Left comforted but lonely

Like pieces of his tarnished love
Words crashed down around me
Like so many lost comets
They made wishes but none ended happily

Those star studded eyes
Were once a dreamscape I escaped to
In my darkest hours
They lit my sky with dazzling bright blue

So I shamelessly gambled it all away
& lost more than I ever bargained or could afford
He was just a witty game maker
& I was merely playing a role on your chess board

I have no desire to perform at my own expense
My veins have all but ran dry
& when you cut me I don’t bleed
But if I fall I am sure to die

When I fall I go all in
Save for a single accidental slip
So dear misinformed
Hold on to your only bargaining chip

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