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The Vultures

July 14, 2014
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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I burnt all the bad luck, reduced it all away to ashes
A flick of the wrist, gave birth to the flame
It ate up all the oxygen merely saved me a breath
The way you took all my love and abandoned me with nothing left
There’s a vulture perching nearby waiting for me
My heart is a ticking time bomb but it will only be in vain
I won’t be dying on a day like this
Instead of drowning I flourish in the rain
When you asked me if I loved you
I bit right through my lip
Even the blood tasted like a lie
So instead of speaking I just loosened my grip
Then I packed away my bones in a brown paper bag
I dragged it along behind me
Listening to the way they rattled unattached
I left it on your doorstep so you could finally see
That I am just a pile of bones
Gathering dust until the buzzards can pick me clean
My heart reeked of havoc
Like wolves raging at the biggest moon you’d ever seen
So much silence
Then it howled & hollered like hell
Filling up the gaps in the night sky
With the sound of death toll bells
You reminisce about the late night talks
When we shot out the city lights
It was dark and I was blind
But I had never seen so much in my whole life
We smiled at our demons straight faced horrors
Just like that they vanished into thin air
And you swore you’d never met a girl
So fearless and fair
But that was before you opened up my pages
Anticipating an ending that just wasn’t there

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