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remnants of a hollow

July 14, 2014
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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I've died many times before
each time it stole a piece of me
creating a hollow I visit now & again
that banishes emotions that I can't feel or see
You've bound a spell with your words
like cords tied around my wrists
they connect me to nameless someones
whose thoughts demand to exist
your eyes speak more to me
than oceans of ink ever could tell
because they put the pen in my hand
the ammo to my unloaded barrrel & empty shells
A catalyst sent straight through to my heart
so my mind couldn't get in the way
a severe chemical reaction
as if playing with weapons were child's play
crashing through the waves of blood
a sea that's constantly angered
straight to where I feel the most
& where my most precious memories are anchored
I risk my self destruction by getting near you
I've become Icarus & you are my sun
If I get too close I'll shatter & burn
But I'll find new pieces putting myself together as one
From one extreme temperature to another
icy cold to blazing fire and gore
my melted wings proved to me I could swim
& a new world of coral castles opened up its doors
I still find burnt feathers now & then
Because of you, my pen writes again...

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