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alcoholic love

July 14, 2014
By KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
KayMarie GOLD, Spanish Fork, Utah
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The city has never worn a fragrance quite so sweet
The rain has a way of hugging so tightly it gets hard to breathe
He fell in love on a Thursday right after alcohol left him lonely
In the aftermath of innocent wordplay and scantily clad folly

He walked those stone cold streets, Jack Daniels swinging in his hand
Wishing she was there instead to complement him in this concrete wasteland
He gripped that bottles neck so hard it was almost violent
Graffiti becomes blurred and the crowds words all mix into silence

He’s got love but loves got him & it’s a fear he didn’t know he had
Once he lets her in there will be no going back, only going stark rave mad
She’ll see how he’s broken
She’ll see how he’s falling apart
His reflection is a liar but his eyes can’t hide what’s in his heart


I saw him on a Thursday night after the rain washed the night off his face
He’d been through hell and back, couldn’t even walk straight
We tipped glasses to our drenched clothes and tousled hair
As if we’d never had a drink in all our twenty one years without a care

You’re as deadly and spineless as a bottom feeding fire urchin
You’ve torn yourself away from all feeling to stop the hurting
Let me introduce you to human emotion in all its truth
The beautiful, the dazzling, the cruel and the uncouth

You’ve built your very own purgatory and shut yourself in it
Well I’m breaching those walls that jurisdiction doesn’t permit
I stumbled across your barriers and held your trembling hands
I admit that I’m a fool, no better than my old man

I’ve got a heart that loves without thinking for a second
He’s got a brain that likes to interfere with ladies beckoned
I’ve got a brain so loud mouthed I had to tell it to shut up
He’s got a heart so big he had to drown in it in scarlet cups

You are the cognitive head and I’ll be the free spirited heart
Together we’ll have collected all the necessary parts
When one of us isn’t working the whole machine collapses
But I won’t let you sink beneath the vodka in bottomless shot glasses

We’ll have four legs to keep us grounded to the floor
And I knew that before you went running out the door
I know it’s scary to finally have something to lose
Your heart is in good hands I’ll nurse every blue-black bruise

The dew is soft but it feels like pin pricks at my feet
I’m heavy with a love you wouldn’t believe
That mirror is a liar, it doesn’t know me
This is just a costume I wear to shadow my dreams

But you can see me, the real me through it all
So I’ll pound this pavement until I find you in the rainfall
When your clothes are all drenched and shed
With your hair a tousled mop on your head

I’ll be your chaser to any part of life you need to down
So before it’s too late get that sour sadness aftertaste from that frown
With whatever’s left in your bottle we’ll cheers to each other
For falling in love on a Thursday night together

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