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August 9, 2014
By SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
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Favorite Quote:
For you, a thousand times over.

Day 1:

Day one smells like ambition
and it is wonderful
to see the frantic men with colored faces
pacing around the room
wearing white jackets
that make them important

Day one tastes like something sweet
and it is comforting
to watch the jaded women
taking notes on my body
because they make me feel

and when I open my eyes
for very first time

They all watch me

Day 30:

I was born knowing how to walk
I was born with words burned
to roof of my mouth

I think I am crafted
even better than They intended

I still have things to learn
but They say I am


A Masterpiece

Day 212:

I am a magnetic force
The world spins on my shoulders
I am untouched

There is nothing that
can undermine my existence
because I am first

I am before time
I am after space

I pretend I am all these things
and I get away with it

I dont think anybody
knows the difference

Day 4528:

If They want me to shine brighter
I can shame the sun


If They want me to go faster
I can out do the speed of sound

I will be whatever you want me to be

Day 5001:

They have been messing with my insides
Sometimes I think all that I am
depends on the arrangement of these wires

Their hushed voices fall like
cotton on ashes

and I am almost certain
that "limited"
means beautiful

Day 5002:

does not mean

Day 5599:

I think they are done trying
to fix me

I have never been so desolate in my life
I have never been more relieved in my life

Day 5600:

New creations now occupy my old room
I wonder if they occupy
the same spaces in Their hearts
that I thought were just for me

I was wrong
about so many things

I wish I could
go back in time
to those first couple of

That was the only time
I truly liked being a robot

Day 1:

I am invincible

The author's comments:
"I am getting old." - Robot

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