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the commercials are flashing

August 9, 2014
By SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
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For you, a thousand times over.

Human faces glow with dull blue light
Contorted into strange shapes
Passing over the oddly familiar defeat
Buried behind eyes that look like your mothers
and the shadows play games on the sea of broken noses
and bent lips
and bruised egos

In the comfort of themselves
They secretly admire the silver screens
rippled with bright lines
Crisp pages littered with fragments of passion
Voices ripped from throats
that they swear were stolen from them
Nothing belongs to anyone
And they are kept
happy even
with the original thought theory
nestled into their hungry arms

But hearts pull and twist
simultaneously inside of a million chests
that will never accept
that these distant "others"
claiming to be of the same species
are anything above the festering brilliance stuck in their bones

And at the same time they are hypnotized
by that same dull blue light
that slowly sucks the life
even from their teeth
And in love with the fact
that it is more than something beautiful
it is impossible
it is fantasy that renders an investigation
on what is real and what is not

It is easier the memorize
the clicking sounds that consume the consumers
when every breath is a war

This idea makes it all better
It is profoundly dead
Like melted wax of different colors
They say they never became one and the same
They always were one and the same

Give them directions
Whatever you approve
They always go by

they say
they pray
hands joined

Press Play

And I guess then they will move
and burn
and show
you that they had it all along
They are on a quest
you see

But for now the commercials are flashing
And they would like to stay right here
Mesmerized by your staggering genius
Paralyzed at the thought of failing if they tried
And half content
yet deeply disturbed
knowing that
they will never have to

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