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You and Me...

September 23, 2014
By JasonHub274 GOLD, Mysore, Other
JasonHub274 GOLD, Mysore, Other
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I am what I am...I live for myself, not others....

I wish I could have

A whole lot of friends

To surf and adventure with

Against all odds and ends.


To believe someone

There must be a whole lot of trust

So don't come with me

If you really must.


I wish you could really 

Stay with me

Till the end

We shall together be.


You must really stay with me

Always, till the end

Then you are truly

My good friend.


We shall both face

Up's and downs of life

Even in a little thing

As much as a knife.


I shall wait till you come

No matter how long

Whether you are good or bad

And do right or wrong.


I shall never really

Give up on you

Cause you are my

Best friend in few.


We shall take this journey

Up together

And stay strong

And long forever.


I am ready to sacrifice my life

for you, if it comes to that

Will you...Oh! Will you....

Also have that gut?


I will share anything

With you, to my soul

Let us together be

Like fire and coal.


This is what I say

I give up everything

Even my own blood relatives

If you promise me a thing...


That you will never leave me alone

What ever may happen

That I shall be, until the end

Your best friend...

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the friendship illustrated in many novels (The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Kane Chronicles). People just have to understand the value of friendship and friends when they have got them. Believe me....the one without friends and friendship understands it vale a bit too good.

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