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September 29, 2014
By NOIZTHIMS GOLD, South Jordan, Utah
NOIZTHIMS GOLD, South Jordan, Utah
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"If your eyes could speak, what... what would they say?" -Max (from "The Book Thief")

Sometimes it just feels like

me and my backpack against the world


man vs. man

me vs. men

at least they make it sound like that

1. but others don't think of me as a man

2. I fight against my fathers rules

3. I disrespect the teachers sometimes

we fight hard battles

*and I am brutally against the world


man vs. society

me vs. the world

as far as I can tell, it is like that

4. the world cruelly judges

even the slightly overwieght

and then calles skinny people grotesque

the world has to much "YOLO swag"

and not enough I still care

I am left to battle the worlds affirmation

of my already existing internal struggles and pains

*I am, again, pitted against the world


man vs. self

me vs. I

it seems that way methinks, and I agrees

6. Sometimes I kill myself inside, we all do

don't we?

I mess up once, and slay my pride

then pity.

I try to save it with arrogance

and watch it die in shame

then resurrect it with a good long talk

7. just in time to look completely idiotic again

*I am soundly, internally, against the world


man vs. nature

me vs. what?

Nature?, me?, conflict?, never!

nature is king is nature. 

I could be alive one minute

and dead the next.

nothing that is natural is my enemy

but only my friend

I allow fate, and nature, to be my god

others will worship man-made abominations

I worship fate!

*I am faithfully against the world on that


man vs. self, nature, man, society. bah!

I live to live, and be found unafraid

1. others don't think of me as a man

2. I fight against my father's rules

3. sometimes I disrespect my teachers

4. the world says to be one "this or that"

5. I battle the world's judgement, and mine

6. I punish myself internally

7. I reapeatedly prove myself a fool

 *I am brutally, pitted, soundly, internally, 

faithfully, against the world.

Yet I am strong!










The author's comments:

I wrote this while having a bad day at school. it shows

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on May. 19 2015 at 5:42 pm
BoobooBeetle DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
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“A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.”
G.K. Chesterton

"And you, you ridiculous people, you expect me to help you."
Denis Johnson

... What am I supposed to say other than the fact that I think this is a very universal topic? It's absolutely amazing and relatable! Great job!!! :D

on May. 18 2015 at 12:48 am
ThePoeticJustice PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Hold fast and keep your head up high for life will pass right by you like a speeding bird if you don't acknowledge it- Charles Moorer III (me)

one word to describe my reaction on stanza 3....... amen XD You're trying to raise your own voice, and that's very respectable. Keep writing... The justice has spoken

dya.o PLATINUM said...
on Oct. 13 2014 at 10:39 am
dya.o PLATINUM, Milton, Florida
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“If consensus is overrated, I think balance is, too.
I have no interest in living a balanced life.
I want a life of adventure.” | Chris Guillebeau

Wow.. I love how you put so much emotion into something sad but spirit lifting. I love how the emotion changed towards the end of the poem. Very well written! :)