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autumn after all

September 30, 2014
By NOIZTHIMS GOLD, South Jordan, Utah
NOIZTHIMS GOLD, South Jordan, Utah
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fall literally stormed in

accompanied by a boom

lightning, thunder, wind

and rain.


oh, it rained

a weekend where

the storm just wouldn't end

until it did


the storm could have destroyed the town

It could have blown all the leaves

off of their shivering trees

but it didn't


it allowed nature

one last push of green

then, the pumkins were orange

the leaves red and brown

and the sky, some beutiful mix

of cold, hard, gray

warm pink

and and bright blue


then the smell set in

oh, the smell

it was a smell that captured

the cold air, the decaying leaves,

the last freshly mowed grass

and, well, fall


the sights, the sounds

the smells, the tastes

the biting cold

(a new relief)


the atmosphere

and at last

the sliver of a silver moon

peeped through the clouds

and whispered to me

"it's fall it's fall

the summer stood tall

but adventure crept back into

the hearts of them all

and, it's autumn after all."

The author's comments:

I walked home. I smelled the autumn air, and, well here it is.

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on May. 18 2015 at 5:19 pm
BoobooBeetle DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
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“A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.”
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Denis Johnson

Love it so much!! I absolutely love writing about nature (however, most of them are awful!) and you definitely did a splendid job! Love the chronological ordering of your stanzas and how simple yet beautiful your description and overall poem was, fantastic!! :)

on May. 18 2015 at 12:46 am
ThePoeticJustice PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Hold fast and keep your head up high for life will pass right by you like a speeding bird if you don't acknowledge it- Charles Moorer III (me)

XD I'm more of a winter guy lol JK this is a great poem, it deserves to be known. I like the way you made basically individual statements with every paragraph. Good job

on Oct. 12 2014 at 2:13 pm
Niyaroo PLATINUM, Colonial Beach, Virginia
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I love this! Very well written, especially the beautiful description