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This world is a dark and cruel place

October 7, 2014
By amadeo GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
amadeo GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
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This world is a dark and cruel one
I hate what we've done with this world
It makes everyone fear everything
They fear what they look like
They fear that they will get bullied tomorrow
They fear that one day they will lose everything
They fear that they don't look good enough
That they need to be so perfect
How society has portrayed woman is horrible
A girl can't go out to go swimming without makeup because they think they are ugly without it
It's stupid that you girls are fooled by what society is saying
Don't listen to them and
will be much happier
It upsets me that so many people fear going outside because of their weight
Or because they just can't handle the bullies
Here is a tip
Don't be
If a bully starts doing something stand up for what you want
If you don't
You will keep getting trampled
Trust me
No one knows it better then
It's sad even I get bullied
Not anymore ever since I stood up for myself he has never touched me again
This world is a dark and cruel one
Let all of us that have been bullied hold hands and not get put down anymore
Together we can do everything and anything
I love all of you even if I have never met you
I love all of you as if you were my family
I will help all of you get through this
In return I want your word that you will stay strong and stand up for you and others being hurt

The author's comments:

I made this poem for the people that are getting trempled on and bullied because I went through the same thing

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