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Sarcastic Humanity

October 20, 2014
By Khaoula BRONZE, Annaba, Other
Khaoula BRONZE, Annaba, Other
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" be you ... simply one of your kind "^_^

I was born when you killed an innocent child
I grew up when you stole a sinless man’s freedom
I aged when a father had to steal to feed his family
Immortal I became when you did not care
You created me, you fed me and unleashing me to the whole world you did
Now you go around protesting and dissenting
Picking banners, screaming my name
Saying I’m not fair?
Oh that’s just not fair; the victim of my own success I became
Who am I, you want to know?
Turn on your radio, switch off your channel and buy a magazine
The news that make clowns cry, how ironic you say?
Clowns are not supposed to cry
Pardon how sarcastic I am
Putting the blame on me don’t you dare!
The pen of my creator I just am
The sister of justice I am
Opposites attract they say
My sister you killed
And the revenge from me the injustice you shall get

The author's comments:

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
? Benjamin Franklin

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