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Swallowed by the oceans tears

November 7, 2014
By PureDrawings BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
PureDrawings BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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Standing in the sand 
sewn up in your pocket 
with a lock and a key 
you hold tightly onto me 

holding me next to you 
whispering in my ear 
"I love you, 
I love you, 
I love you my dear" 

At first it was all pleasant 
but then the rain came down 
drip by drip 
my world came tumbling down 

I soon became sand 
in your tightened fist 
sifting through your fingers bit by bit 

As you franticly try 
to catch me piece by piece 
I slip away into the oceans deep 

my sight is blurred 
my lips clasped tight 
I'm enveloped by the cold waves of the oceans might 

the warmth of you gone forever 
and my skin shivers at the loss
I become ice cold 
and my heart beats alone 

Yet in my blurred vision 
I can see you trying to reach me 
splashing around in the sea

Then the splashing stops 
and it all goes dark 

the silence is soon broken 

"She is gone forever" 

the last words has been spoken 

it echoes in my ears 
with a last teardrop 
I see you stop 
and start to walk 

As I see you leave 
I continue to drown into the sea 
and sink to its sandy ground 
to forever lay and never be found

The author's comments:

this is one of my first poems in years... In other words, im not much of a poet. I not the best writer, but thought i'd give it try.. Hope you like it.

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