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Grey Faces

November 16, 2014
By JoeyBlackWolf SILVER, Bozeman, Montana
JoeyBlackWolf SILVER, Bozeman, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"The sun is yellow, F*** the blue sun"

you said that we could meat in the middle

well i think the middle is more on your side.


i tried to leap the gap

while you sat cross legged on the ground


i fell into the crevice

and you waved 


i splashed into a river

were they my tears,

or yours? 


desprately trying to stay afloat

flailing arms fighting

feet kicking for dear life


there was no bridge to get over it with

nor a straw to suck it up


i was alone

a faint face floating 

in a sea of its own tears. 


that sea only growing

maybe one day it will over flow the canyon

picking you up at the edge


if you havent already left.

The author's comments:

its only black and white in the aftermath.

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