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The Rain

November 14, 2014
By author_musical PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
author_musical PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
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I have seen many things
But never a shooting star
Riding through the galaxy with a tail
Streaking the indigo sky with color
Instead, I have felt warm rain
Spilling like angelic tears onto my skin
The amazement must be the same
Rain means teardrops from heaven
But for me, rain means peace
Comfort in the soft white noise
Slapping quietly on the sidewalk
Rain brings me memories
Like dancing in the rain,
Feeling the water hit my skin
Or swinging during a storm
Feeling icy pellets swarm my face
I can remember the night you left,
Warm and sticky air surrounding me
As the air conditioner rattled on
I can remember the day you returned,
A haze of pills making me believe you
As you told me all your terrible lies
It was a beautiful destruction,
Breaking my own heart
Feeling ever piece fall like raindrops
Dropping into my stomach
I can remember the day the haze left,
Lifting like a fog around me
As I realized what you’d done to me
My self- destruction is over
Now you’re breaking me, step by step
Anxiety is killing me, slowly
Every breath a knife in my chest
The lies taste bitter on my tongue
But I swallow them and smile
Wishing the rain would wash me away
I’ve felt many things
The slow release of death in me
A new breath on a new day
Ruling the world from my mountain
Fear couldn’t touch me that day
I was on top of the world
And the peaceful, careful rain
Was washing all the memories away
I wish I was there again
Happiness overtaking every inch of me
The comforting rain hasn’t come
Drought is overtaking the land
Drying up the trees and ground
Crumbling the cactus in the valley
The death inside is killing me
Indigo skies, do not show me a star
I don’t need to see a streak
Speeding across the sky
That is not beauty, at least not to me
Beauty lies in words, in feelings
Colors spinning out of focus
And the touch of a hand on my own
No sky, do not bring me something new
I don’t need a star to lead me home
Because I’m already here
I simply need the rain
Dripping on my windowsill
Comforting me and calming my heartbeat
Washing all my memories away

The author's comments:

This is an entry for the 2015 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and it's also a mix of my emotions and memories...

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