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Rich Girl

December 2, 2014
By ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
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Skinny and rich
So hard to please
Everyone wants a taste
But you're such a tease

Don't know anything about suffering
You get who and what you lust on
You smile in delight with red velvet lips
Nothing's natural, but everything's painted on

A size zero
with crystal sharp hips
You're First Class on all of Daddy's ships
You don't need any school
You don't need any talent,
You've got worldwide membership
You're one of the first names on the list

You'll always get in
You'll always be young
After all, that's just a nip and a tuck

Ice cold
vacant eyes, it's no surprise
You don't know how to love
Raised by the maids
You already broke your own heart
And you don't know what is to want
Everything you have is Everything you own
is Gold
And everything you've seen is just a reflection of what you own

In cotton candy dreams
Galas spouting champagne
But that's the only thing you'll "eat"
And swimming with you're lovers
in your silk Italian sheets
You'll never have to be alone
You'll never break sweat
Poor baby, you complain in therapy
About the love you didn't get

And you'll never count your trust fund
It's more than you could ever spend
Just count yourself as saved
From any real harm
Anything to bring alarm
Anything real at all
Because click click clik
Baby you're just posing
Through all life, you're just posing
And everybody loves you
And everybody wants you
- To see you
Keep on posing

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