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Gray Wings of Pity

January 22, 2015
By DarkIcarus1375 GOLD, Kerrville, Texas
DarkIcarus1375 GOLD, Kerrville, Texas
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People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct or true. That is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts....their reality may all be a mirage..... -Itachi Uchiha

Watching the world from the skies watching as it fades,

Seeing the earth wither away while flying on wings of gray,

The world itself is turning dark due to a parasitic race,

The hatred of man kind is quickening the apocolyptic pace,

If only our kind would look towards ways of peace,

If only the worlds leaders would put their swords in their sheaths,

War is good for nothing more than pain and death,

So I pity the earth as it is for putting up with man kinds mess.

The author's comments:

Tired of looking everywhere and seeing war. It's good for nothing and it destroys families.

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