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I’ll never be over you

January 30, 2015
By Ana143 GOLD, Bolivar, Ohio
Ana143 GOLD, Bolivar, Ohio
17 articles 4 photos 64 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Your always beautiful in my eyes"
"Be who you are not what someone else wants you to be"

I told myself it would never happen to me
and then I meet a boy
I never talked to him before
at that moment
HE was all I wanted

hardly knew him
and I had to invited him to my party
I knew when he arrived
before he even walked in the door
I could feel his presents

he said he liked my friend and my heart shattered
there, I wanted to cry and I did not know why yet
and then he promised me he would never leave my life
he asked if I could be his girl

that was the beginning and end of everything

I loved him and I didn’t care what anyone said
he was mine to keep forever
so I thought

I dreamed, thought, wanted only him
I was so happy and I felt like I could do ANYTHING

his kiss
his touch
his breath
his eyes
his nose
his sent

and the fireworks we felt in are kiss
I could of die in his arms
laying under the apple tree in the grass
listening to his heart and knowing he was mine

then parents take him away
I wait 1 ½ months to see him
dying and upset and wanting to be with him
you finally get to see him

he’s changed a little
he tells you he’s sorry and you started to worry
he made out with another girl he tells you

he’s crying and says he only wanted attention
and he says sorry a hundred times
but you’re crushed and hurt and starting to cry

he tries to hug you and you start shaking
you feel that he is hurting cause he hurt you
you hug him he says he loves you so much

you forgive him in a couple of days
he still feels back for hurting you
so he leaves you

you cry all day and can’t stop
you lost all your confidents he gave you
you’re broken and shattered
he tries to talk to you later that day
but you run away crying

you think you can tell him
the next day how you feel
but you walk up to him
he smiles that special smile
you cry again a little

he comes up and try’s to hug you
you cry harder
you start shaking
you almost fall and hit people
trying to step back

a friend grabs you and pulls you away
hug’s you and says it’s ok
but you couldn’t help it
you turn and run and you hug him tight
he does the same

he don’t want to let you go
but you pull away and run
an never turn back to see him

he hugs you every time he sees you
says he’ll prove he still care and loves you
but it rips you even more

he shows up at your house late at night
on a bike
parents won’t let you see him
you wonder what’s going on

the next day you find him and ask what’s going on
he wants you back and can’t live without you
parents hate him and that makes it harder
on both of you

but you’re happy together
and that’s all that matters

you keep your old month anniversaries
and so it’s your four month anniversary
the boy you fell in love with is showing
that day was perfect

you get home
your smile has left your face
tears replace it
parents take you out of school
so you can’t see him
the beautiful day is gone

you are crushed
three days later
you found a way to call him
he says that this won’t work
he’s gone now

he tries to get over you
he dates your friend
now you hate her
but he leaves her
cause all he wants is you

but now you can’t talk to or see him
your friends say he looks depressed
don’t talk much anymore
doesn’t smile

but there’s nothing you can do
you miss him
you wish you didn’t
but you fell in love with him

all you want is to feel
his breath in your ear when he said something sweet to you
the touch of his finger’s on your skin
the feeling of his kiss on your cheek, nose, forehead, neck, hand, lips

you need him
can’t stop dreaming of your life with him
can’t keep him off your mind
you think of him as soon as you wake
and before you fall asleep

you try not to love him
you try not to care
you try not to live your life wishing he was there

you try not to wonder where he is
or what he is doing
but I’m sorry I can’t
I fell in love with you

you cry yourself to sleep every night
no one understands you
no one can help you
he is all you want

no one can replace him or even amount to him
you have no heart now
it’s just a black hole
that can never be fixed

he found you in the shadows
your back there again and this time
no one is going to find you

you fell in love with a boy named Death
but I can’t live without him
he has my heart
he may do as he pleases with it

Don’t tell me to forget and move on
I never will

I will always love him

P.S I love you

The author's comments:

I will always love him. This is my love story ending.

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Ana143 GOLD said...
on Feb. 23 2015 at 4:58 pm
Ana143 GOLD, Bolivar, Ohio
17 articles 4 photos 64 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Your always beautiful in my eyes"
"Be who you are not what someone else wants you to be"

Thank you so much, every time i re-read it i have to hold myself not to cry.

on Feb. 23 2015 at 2:44 pm
Turbo223 SILVER, Lancaster, Wisconsin
6 articles 0 photos 15 comments

Favorite Quote:
Is there a way to escape something unescapable?

Its beautiful :D