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A Sea Of Self Sorrow

February 7, 2015
By bruisedmemories ELITE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
bruisedmemories ELITE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
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"When you're young, you can fly, but we trip on clouds 'cause we get too high" -The Band Perry (Song: Don't Let Me Be Lonely)
"Cause no matter what, you'll never be alone" -Lady Antebellum (Song: Compass)

The words of my self-conscience mind do not circle around me
Rather, they come in waves, sometimes stronger than ever before
Causing my veins to flood with hatred and never get a taste of the shore


For I shall lose myself in a sea of pity and doubt that erodes me
Wondering if I will sink with shackles tied upon my demon's hands
Or swim in an ocean of creatures who simply do not understand


That I am in a dilemma between mind, body, and an aching heart
Along with the fear that there is no room for redemption or another's love
When I can't even gather the strength to find the surface and rise above

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