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the girl named tyrah

February 19, 2015
By KayliLovesYou PLATINUM, Lincoln, Nebraska
KayliLovesYou PLATINUM, Lincoln, Nebraska
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dont cry because it is over smile because it happened

there is this girl i reallly dont want to admit

but we were once sadly friends if that is what you can call it

        ~her name is tyrah~

every single relationship i had

she'd find a way to ruin everything with that relationship

and anything to do with it

and the messed up part is

i let her do all this

i had believed all her lies that she ever told me

she ut me through so much pain

more pain than anyone ever has to go through

i have renewed one very important friendship

one that

           ~the girl named tyrah~

had destroyed several years ago

and now two years later

             ~the girl named tyrah~

is gone from my life

and i am free from pain that she causes

and she is NEVER EVER coming back into my life

The author's comments:

this is about a girl i was once friends with all throughout middle school and my freshman year that always hurt me any chance she got and the bad part is seh had my mother believing everything tha t she was doing and saying is good and that she is doing it all for my good but then in reality all it ever did was break me. Tyrah i hope that if you ever read this you will know that i am happy and i never was happy even when i seemed like it when we were friends. this is really how i feel now.

i hope you all enjoy my poem

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