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Dream Delusion

February 19, 2015
By ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
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I had a dream,
I was on a boat and staged all around
sunken in the water
around my boat
were the stages of plays of fakes and freaks and clowns
All smiling
Always smiling
Just a breeze would knock them
And You were My boat
Made out of wood
Just pieces ready to fail on me
Constantly tearing up
falling apart
and in the mast
A dead cold
Bolt cement vault
Of all the past
Of all that bad
And it was all ending,
Until only I could remember what had
been there before

And the water got clearer
But I never saw the shore
And I was all alone
But I’m convinced - you were my
And I kept afloat
In the middle of the sea
And now it looks dark and grey
and mean
And you weren’t my boat after all
because before I awoke
I was left shivering and helpless
doubting the future
 on board

...You were just another freak and clown

and you sunk in the ocean

before I got the chance to knock you down...

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