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March 24, 2015
By BreezyMonk GOLD, Uniontown, Ohio
BreezyMonk GOLD, Uniontown, Ohio
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The road to you is hard, bumpy, and full of holes but its worth getting to know the real you.

you used to know me i was one of you

i thought drugs were cool too

but then i lost my will to live

the drugs kept asking me to give

i had nothing, broke in all

no friends to catch me when i fall

hours left and i've done nothing

looking back i wish i've done something

my life was bleak ruled by the high

its never to late to not want to die

i left my family screamin' my name

from then on nothin' was ever the same

i had no dream, it withered away

didn't want to fight for it so it didn't stay

i didn't understand, didn't know what's right

or that my health would be taken that night

the high, the buzz just was enough

it made me weak where i was once tough

i had a great hand but i decided to bet

from then on my future seemed set

what's left of my life was worth not a lot

so i just continued on, left my soul to rot

and when i reached the age of 21

i got in a crash and i was done

done with the drugs, the weed, and smoke

so from the distorted dream i awoke

I stood up upon my OWN 2 feet

finally glad that my heart could still beat

my body laid tattered, my mind a mess

but i was just glad i survived all the stress

i fixed my wrongs and i threw them away

and there in the trash they all do still lay

i picked up a hobby instead of the high

i helped my brain overcome the drugs cry

my hobby turned out to be such art

but i had a rough ugly start

i would have soon died if i didn't quit

and i don't regret it not one bit

i was tortured at first and it was hard

but I was the holder of my final card

they called to me loudly day and night

but i held strong with all of my might 

now i walk proud of my terrible past

i am finally free of my demons at last

i fought and i won now i am alright

and i am thankful i did live that night

although my life isn't what it could

at least i am better then where i once stood

though your life appears black and dead

look to the future and what lies ahead

The author's comments:

i went to a prolife banquet and it got me thinking about abortions and drugs.killing yourself is now legal in some states but its not called sucide nooo its called dying with dignity. Dying with dignity is dying when your supposed not because your scared how you will die. if we thought that about death then no one would ever have children because they might die i mean come on people would your friends not miss you? your family? and don't say you don't have one because it doesn't have to be blood. Drugs is even worse but if you are doing it then i hope you quit because you wouldn't want your sister or brother or child doing it. there are people who love you and will help you fight and you can have a better life. show this to your siblings so they know what it can do. some people never stop and end up taking their loved ones with them to the grave. save yourself, your friends, your family, and others like them.

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