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April 7, 2015
By BreezyMonk GOLD, Uniontown, Ohio
BreezyMonk GOLD, Uniontown, Ohio
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The road to you is hard, bumpy, and full of holes but its worth getting to know the real you.

Across the waters the new world has risen

Becoming the land of the soul filled race

And with them they are hard set driven

To fight the plague theat wears a face


They are the force that cares for all 

And with their will the tryants they smite

To protect everyone from the chaining call

And lead them all towards the freeing light


Guardig with heart and mind

Always there to lend a hand

Easily there and ever so kind 

To defend the honest won land


Defeated the pirates over the sea

Conquered the wolves that run astray

Fighting for the rights of the free

And for their home their lives they willing lay


Stained with red and tattered white

They raised the flag and hung it high

The fire within burning bright

With the strength of the eagle's cry


Started as seperate now is one

Bloodshed satisfied with the new

Look how far they have come

With the world of the true


Victored and coveted for the U

Fought and won the right S

Renamed for all to see the A 

They are the warriors just for us

The author's comments:

They ending spells out USA and the intitals it uses in the last paragraph is the world spelled out. Like U meaning we are united.

Hope you like it. I made it to tell the story of our country which has done so much.

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on Aug. 26 2018 at 5:55 pm
Rhiannon_4 DIAMOND, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.
- Native American proverb

Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.
- Dylan Thomas

What is past is past -- it is the present and the future that concern us.
- Hiawatha, founder of the Iroquois Confederacy

You did a good job, but I disagree with this. "To defend the honest won land". That's not how Native Americans see it. They were slaughtered for simply protecting the land they'd lived on for thousands of years. It's no different than a stranger coming into your house and forcing you out so that they can live there. Sorry, but I feel very strongly about this.