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non- existent

April 6, 2015
By passion_poet19 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
passion_poet19 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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"Someday i would stop wondering where i went wrong and know where i went right"

My life feels like a storm out here really with no place to go, why is this world so cold?

          on one loves me, should i let? it's raining and lighting my heart is tierd of fighting, if i lay down and close my eyes will i sink into the worlds lies? how would it feel to be mo more, non-existent my life walked out my body like people walk out doors,

        dieing for someone i love seems like the best way to go,

                  a mother willing to die in place of her daughter 

                                is all i will ever no, 

                               she is my life and soul, i want my baby

                          to live and grow old!

The author's comments:

i feel strongly for my baby girl, she is 3 years old now and i love her to death and i would die for her in a heart beat.

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