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what i know and see

April 10, 2015
By passion_poet19 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
passion_poet19 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Someday i would stop wondering where i went wrong and know where i went right"

Days and days have gone by, I notice you watching me from the corner of your eye, what is it that you what?
Do you want to talk? I know you’re scared an all but your friend I want to be is all, but I can’t stand tall,
You’re messing up and I want so badly to speak but the words dare not part from my lips for I am afraid to even leap,
You took me for granted and I know you feel it to but something stops you from speaking about it, I forgive you, I really do, I need you not to worry god is indeed inside of you,
I’ve wanted to speak up and talk I don’t have guts for you to push me far,
You and I were both wrong on our part but I was always there for just apart
You’re falling down deeper and deeper,
You’re not the same little keeper,
Get back up right now, let go from that love you hold
Do you feel that tighten around your heart the feeling of it pounding apart?
It’s called stronghold do you dare wish to let go?
I try not to get in the middle of it all but somehow I see my own downfall,
Maybe It’s just my mind or the devil’s schemes he tries to divine,
I willed away the hurt and pain and to this day I AM OKAY
You on the other hand there still a delay, what are you waiting for… the right person to come alone and say you will be o.k,
That’s not what you need the answer is deep inside just hit reality
Now the question it what are you going to do, sit here and let the world watch you or watch the world, stand and say I do,
I laugh about this not because the joke has been played on you, I got myself together now I wait on you

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