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April 18, 2015
By Dreamer29 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
Dreamer29 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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ew, people

He was a bottle of pills that she tried to down

She was the canvas painted with his pain


He was a darkness;

She was his light, bringing him away from the abyss he had cast himself into


She was a princess in the highest tower away from the world;

He was her rescuer, awakening her from a never ending nightmare


He was a single voice in the crowd;

She was the one who heard his beautiful melody


She was a leaf in the autumn breeze;

He was the wind that carried her


He was a blur of all the chaotic hate in his life;

She was the focusing kindess


She was the survivor;

He was the healed scars


He was the mess spiraling out of control;

She was the everything that saved him from the nothingness

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