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The Dance

April 17, 2015
By codyabenbow PLATINUM, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
codyabenbow PLATINUM, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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I danced with God in a dark room.

Salat trickled from my chin like saliva,

It dripped on the floor and bled through

the carpet. I danced with my eyes

shut. Intoxicated. Stoned. Pork 

brewing in my belly. I danced in that

same room with a boy in college. 

Kisses and finger-walking and 

clothes thrown hastily on the floor

and the carpet ate them

so we sat naked in the dark 

while I looked quietly away.

I danced with God until

I stepped on It's foot and

found the carpet there instead. And the clothes

from the boy. And

my Salat dried up

like an old date that

I tossed from hand

to hand. 




Note: Salat, in Arabic, is the term used for the five obligatory prayers Muslims complete on a daily basis.

The author's comments:

The Salat, or prayer, is a dance of sorts with God. In Islam, this dance, this connection to God, lingers in every action of life. My dance is one of guilt and love simulatenously. 

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