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Emperor's Hope

May 29, 2015
By ShipraB BRONZE, Greer, South Carolina
ShipraB BRONZE, Greer, South Carolina
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"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities."
-John Green
The Fault in Our Stars

As the emperor pondered, he wandered onto
his majestic, grey marble balcony.
The scene was painted with a bright full moon,
statues, a drifting firefly, fountains, and flowers.
He started to turn away to go back inside his
palace to address the war and poverty
of his land. But just before his head turned,
he spied one of his children on the palace grounds.
The child treaded carefully so she would not
harm the gentle plants, and she ventured to
the birds’ nests to offer them some seeds.
The emperor left his balcony with a renewed
sense of hope.

The author's comments:

This piece addresses the hardships that people in power may have to go through in a lighthearted way. 

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