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Beautiful Eyes

June 3, 2015
By SammieLoue GOLD, Granger, Indiana
SammieLoue GOLD, Granger, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
As freshmen we looked at the seniors and said, "someday that will be me." As seniors we look at the freshmen and ask, "wasn't that just yesterday?"
-Sammie Loue

Green around the edge

And golden in the middle

They've seen so much

Too much

Smiles and tears

Laughter and fears

They've watched the pretty little lines

Go from red to white

The mirror shatter under pressure

And the paths the scared take

When I look at them

I don't see the color

But rather the horrors reflected

How can something something so beautiful

See only the ugly

How can the voiceless

Tell such stories

Green around the edge

And golden in the middle

Such beautiful eyes

The author's comments:

What I love the most about poetry is the fact it only takes a few lines to tell an endless story.

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