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Self-less or Self-ish?

July 10, 2015
By Rebeccathedoorhinge SILVER, Plantsville, Connecticut
Rebeccathedoorhinge SILVER, Plantsville, Connecticut
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Everybody has problems.

Let's start off like that,


I certainly have my own problems,

And I imagine you do, too.


Do you talk to people about your problems?

I have on occassion.

I hope you have too,

It really sucks having everything inside yourself.

But has anyone ever asked?

I know I ask, 

But not too many people ask me.

Now why is that?

I mean, really,

Why don't people worry about other people?

I mean you worry about yourself, don't you?

Sometimes more or less than you should,

But really...



Everyone else?

The author's comments:

People need people, so think about everyone.

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