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You, Me, And A Little Thing Called Standards

August 13, 2015
By Rebeccathedoorhinge SILVER, Plantsville, Connecticut
Rebeccathedoorhinge SILVER, Plantsville, Connecticut
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Anyone ever notice
That no one is ever around when you need them?

Unless something dramatic happens
Or you are crying
Or you actually ask for help,
No one usually offers it.

It sucks some days when you have to actually say
That you need someone,
Boy, do I know how much that sucks;
Especially when you’re expected to be
“The strong one”
“The all-together one”
“The big girl”
The list goes on and on of these…
That are put on us
Whether by ourselves, society, our family, anything.
No one is ever expected to,
Well, not have expectations.

The author's comments:

People shouldn't expect anything of anyone else that isn't realistic for a human.

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