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Scars That Stick

November 29, 2015
By emmastowe1 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
emmastowe1 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
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Unloved and Unwanted
Fat and Ugly I get taunted
My life so worthless is what they say
Should I even live another day?
Sitting alone just eating lunch
She comes along to deliver a punch
No friends, No dad, No money or life
I often think about grabbing the knife
Maybe I should lose those extra pounds
I’d rather live in so many other towns
They make me feel like such an outcast
Why can’t they put it in the past
If only I had a friend or two
Maybe I wouldn’t think my death is overdue
Their bullying, the pain my how it hurts
It starts with the few words that they blurt
Stupid, overweight, demented yeah they make it clear
I wonder if they know they’re my biggest fear
Day by day I shed yet another tear
Why oh why can’t I persevere..................................

The author's comments:

Bullying is a common issue nowadays, and not just among teens. I think it's important for people to know how bullying can not just physically affect someone's well being, but mentally also. Watching the movie Cyber Bully inspired me to write a piece from the perspective of the victim to help bring awareness to the impact just a few unkind words can have on someone.                                

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