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. . . And a Promise

December 18, 2015
By Daniel.W.Evensen PLATINUM, Eagle River, Wisconsin
Daniel.W.Evensen PLATINUM, Eagle River, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Isaiah 40:31
Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will run and not be faint, walk and not be weary.

Though death seemed the end, life was but the beginning.
For a child was born who would become a sacrifice
That child's name was Jesus.
Not in any way beautiful, he was despised.
He didn’t come in trumpet sound or joyous song,
but in quiet night with angelic music.
He didn’t lead great armies and vict’ry and fame,
But rather he walked alone and alone he died.
He died for all so that all might not die.
He paved a path impossible to walk so
That we all may walk with him in eternity.
Sin is a cancer. Starting as something small,
It grows until it has taken over all things that were healthy.
God the Great Physician who comes door to door
With Jesus the Cure to sin.
His cure is free because the price has been paid,
But we must be willing to accept it.

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