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he's my rock candy

January 28, 2016
By AmazinGracey PLATINUM, Wilmington, Delaware
AmazinGracey PLATINUM, Wilmington, Delaware
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Unwrapping the layer of clear façade

I found a factory of affectionate confection

As close to you as the universe would allow

I could hear your heart beat 

Whispering thoughts, feelings

Secretly escaping through your chest

Pumping each rhythm of your life

Resonating in only my ears

And fluttering through only my lungs

Like the butterflies emerging in my stomach

I wanted desperately to breathe them in

I mustn't let another soul profit

From the sweet taste of your mind 

The endless galaxy of crystallized sugar

A masterpiece for sure

Melted under tart laughter and candied smiles


with goodness

A recipe explicitly told to the fibers of my skin

And my tastebuds with a kiss

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