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Anorexia: What It Is and Isn't

February 22, 2016
By HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
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Anorexia isn’t glamor.
It isn’t perfection.
It’s not beauty.
Anorexia is lying to your family, telling them you’ve already eaten.
Anorexia is hiding food inside of your room until it goes moldy.
It’s throwing wrappers of food in cabinets to hide the fact that you purged the contents of those wrappers.
Anorexia is not having the strength to do anything.
It’s your body screaming at you for not exercising, but you just can’t move.
Anorexia is being so ashamed of your body even though you’ve lost more weight than ever.
Anorexia is internally begging for your family to ask why you’re not eating, but at the same time, you don’t want them to ask.
Because you don’t want them to stop you.
But at the same time, you do.
Anorexia is crying in the dark, pinching bits of your skin as you think that you could lose more weight.
It’s feeling guilty if you take a bite of food.
But if you’re eating, it better be a vegetable, because you don’t want to gain weight.
Anorexia is drinking gallons of water to lose the sense of hunger.
Anorexia is watching as your hair falls out.
Recovering from Anorexia is terrifying.
Recovering from Anorexia is realizing you’re worth it.
Recovering from Anorexia is admitting to your family what you’ve done.
But you’re going to be okay now.
Recovering from Anorexia is rediscovering foods you used to love, and realizing why you loved them in the first place.
Recovering from Anorexia is learning to listen to your body.
Recovering from Anorexia is loving life again.
Feeling energy again.
Learning how to exercise without hurting your body.
How to live without restriction.
How to eat without binging or purging. 
Recovering from Anorexia is worth it.

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