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Galaxy Wax Melt

February 25, 2016
By AmazinGracey PLATINUM, Wilmington, Delaware
AmazinGracey PLATINUM, Wilmington, Delaware
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I close my eyes and I'm on the moon with you
Although this moon isn’t a planet
It is wax and it is soft and melting
We walk upon it, and become one with the ground
And we delve into life as it warms us, showing us blue and purple and green
These aren't colors, but they are life itself
They represent different senses, feelings, and time
We will explore red and taste yellow,
Mixing ourselves with the earth
And discover something called orange,
But it's not orange like in this world, it's sweet
And it's romantic and the colors,
They're hot and feel so good
This sensual candle emanating
The sweet aroma of every single vibration
That flows throughout our bodies
The air whispers our names
And the cracks in the walls will absorb the song of our thoughts
Coercing gravity to pull us closer
To each other
So that we may engulf ourselves in the flame of desire
That will burn for a split second
And that second will be ours
That second is not a real second of time
But a second in only our world,

where we are the king and queen

And it will never burn out.

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