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The Stars At night

February 24, 2016
By Angel1932 PLATINUM, Antioch, California
Angel1932 PLATINUM, Antioch, California
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As you stare towards the heavens
while lying empty in your bed,
you dare not close your eyes
knowing what pain awaits
in the world where souls drift away at night
to conjure up dreams to fill the absence of light
and fill fear into your shaking heart.
You keep your sad eyes on the moon
hoping the light will break through to your darkened mind,
and free you from it's reign
so for once, just one night,
you may sleep soundlessly
with no fear of the images you could see.
The seconds feel like days
each minute is an hour
each hour a year,
you just want the night to end
even if it means going back to your facade
of the happy kid who's shoulders bare no worries
or mind not tempted with the voice of the devil
or whose heart does not shatter every time you open your eyes.
You close your eyes as a single tear falls
for night became the only thing to let it all out
even if it was hiding things more sinister
than many could ever think
that they ever happened to you,
you look to the stars and sigh
if only you could shine so bright even in the dark
instead of crying out in silent, agonizing madness.
And yet despite your efforts
the battle was surely lost
as your eyes fluttered closed
you took one last look to the stars and wished with all your heart,
'please take the pain away.'

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