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March 11, 2016
By cheetahsdontroar SILVER, North Haledon, New Jersey
cheetahsdontroar SILVER, North Haledon, New Jersey
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There are fragrant smells in the air
There is the sound of a music coming from someone’s backyard
And the sound of a creaky swing set.
Spring had made its entrance.
The trees are in full bloom and
the blossoms are falling everywhere.
A magnificent maple’s branches wave around in the wind
and a willow’s long, graceful branches sway,
Sweeping the moss beneath it.
Striking flowers color the ground,
in vivid shades of cobalt, scarlet, lilac and orange
Bushes that were once barren,
are now laden with leaves,
that are ravishing shades of emerald.
Spring is definitely and completely here,

The author's comments:

I'm so glad that spring is FINALLY here, so I wrote a poem about it!

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