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begginers rap

March 17, 2016
By Dameon_Farris PLATINUM, Folton, District Of Columbia
Dameon_Farris PLATINUM, Folton, District Of Columbia
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catch my eye,
mock my tie,
make a laugh,
so ima make a stand,
you think your funny,
you think your cool,
well your just a fool,
now tie your shoes.
i dont give a hoot,
if you call me fat,
or ugly,
because il just say,
i aint no mirror,
reflecting your apperal,
better find you find your father,
because im about to make a plunder,
im no rap artist,
but i am a poet,
and a rhyme sure can make you sane,
now are you about to go insane?
cause my smooth words and my speed talk?
cause compared to me a bully is only as good as his
and your an automatic two,
fool you and your group can go eat that shoe,
cause fool,
your time is due!

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