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A Brilliant Life

March 24, 2016
By EmpressPenn SILVER, Hoschton, Georgia
EmpressPenn SILVER, Hoschton, Georgia
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"For every 60 seconds you spend on a negative emotion, its a minute of happiness you'll never be able to get back in life!" - EmpressPenn

Who am I to say life is brilliant,
when the truth is inevitable-
no one is perfect.
I am not perfect.
I’ve cried
I’ve whined
I’ve hated
I’ve sworn
I’ve cursed the tongue
I’ve disappointed the innocent
I’ve angered the forgiving
I’ve loved the evil
and scorned the changes…
yet yes, life is brilliant.
Because without these lessons to go
above and beyond all things
good and bad
I question time and time again-
without this,
what is a brilliant ironic life?

The author's comments:

Life is never perfect. But learning the lessons... allows you to see its perfection!

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