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just let go

April 4, 2016
By hoperunsunderneath GOLD, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
hoperunsunderneath GOLD, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
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"Out of infinite time, out of infinite place, we are right now." -Jon Foreman

i put my heart in the dark
'til i lost all my love,
and my minds on my crimes.
Where’s repentance, oh my soul?
i’m a fool, as i hold my breath
against this wall that i’m climbing.
As i fall, did i slip or just let go?

i heard a knock on the door,
and pulled myself up off the floor.
Then i turned around and found
my shadows lying on the ground.
Darkness outlined my mistakes.
i can’t fake that i am fine,
‘cause my mind is on rewind.
So i return to close the blinds

in fear that sunlight will come in,
and reveal where i’m from,
who i've become, and what i’ve done.
So i close my eyes and find
an island in a state of mind
that is far away from here,
where all my fears are crystal clear.
Then i line them one by one,
and i tell them ‘you are done
controlling me, liberation
will come and set me free!’

But you see, reality
takes a hold of my soul.
With gravity, i am lured
to fall back on the cold floor.
And i have come to understand that
comfort lies within the known.
So here alone, i have grown
to love the dark that holds my bones.

The author's comments:

Am i the only one?

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on May. 10 2016 at 10:48 am
Blizzardstorm DIAMOND, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
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“Wrongfully do men lament the flight of time….Let your work be such that after death you become an image of immortality.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

This is put together nicely. I feel that you executed the feeling wonderfully, and I have a feeling you are mimicking e. e. cummings' usage of incorrect grammar, which I love to pieces! Well done!

on Apr. 27 2016 at 2:30 pm
Destiny1.2.3. SILVER, Forest, Ohio
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Love and Hate are the same thing........

I love it its true and amazing but balenced by darkness