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New Kid

April 22, 2016
By KayeIsWriting SILVER, Oxford, Alabama
KayeIsWriting SILVER, Oxford, Alabama
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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!" - Franklin Roosevelt

We all have that one person who keeps us on the ground. The person who connects us with the daydreams in reality. They don't really know us, yet...somehow they complete us. They don't judge us, they don't hate our core, they love us sometimes. They mess wiht your head, confuse you. But you can't help but go back through the maze. Those smooth, mysterious green eyes. Their light brownish reddish hair. The freckles, like the stars came to Earth and camoflauged theirselves into the world upon their face. It all ties you down to the Earth so that you can never leave them. Everything about them seems perfect.

The author's comments:

This is about someone I'm kind of starting to like, kind of a crush at first sight kinda thing. 

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