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on the interstate

April 22, 2016
By chessi.maria PLATINUM, Brooksville, Maine
chessi.maria PLATINUM, Brooksville, Maine
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1. too much pull
you get me now?

he was a truck-driver


hands large, like deli
slabs of flesh…
when he rolled the wheel


it was like a merry-
go-round at the mercy
of oiled powerful steel


he sweated
profusely, and commonly
smelled of Camels


2. he was a fresh-
(with a smile like the
sky rained rose petals
into your palms)
-cheeked kid


eyes like…
you wouldn’t believe
which pavement puddles
reflecting the sky


boy’s on man’s hand
looked elfin you gonna
said man tell me what
you runnin from

boy’s lips on man’s
shoulder were warm
and chapped. said he
I love you said man
ain’t no answer.


3. too much push
said man…
that’s it let the wheel
be your friend


a truck driver
and a teenage
runaway on the highway
to Sunny San F


allies for a journey
lovers for a week
beggars for hold
my cold hands in your


hands. take my pitch
dark and aching heart

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