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Out Comes a Tear

April 22, 2016
By Rachelle-Mae PLATINUM, Gb, New Jersey
Rachelle-Mae PLATINUM, Gb, New Jersey
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The amount of love he has given us
Is truly something I can never forget.
Out comes a tear.
It is a love that no one can ever replace
Yet certain people have not gotten to know him well yet.
Out comes a tear.
When I grew older it was a mess.
It was completely horrifying that it made my family and I stressed.
Out comes a tear.
The day he left us was a day that stayed in my heart,
But later I was counting the days he could come back like a countdown chart.
Out comes a tear.
Finally, he came and said he missed us.
It didn’t turn out so great.
Out comes a tear.
We kept going back and forth,
And we could only see him once in a while.
Out comes a tear.
Today was the first day since I’ve seen him in a month.
I felt so sorry for him and he went home right on schedule.
Out comes a tear.
He is excluded and in pain.
Yet finds a way to stay positive and be with his kids.
Out comes a tear.
I know he still loves us and we love him back.
Deep down inside, I know this is something I can never really fear.
Out comes a tear.

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