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naming this poem would be entirely counteractive

April 24, 2016
By hoperunsunderneath GOLD, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
hoperunsunderneath GOLD, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
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"Out of infinite time, out of infinite place, we are right now." -Jon Foreman

Take your name and change it

just a bit,

don't forget it. 

Would anyone notice?

Would anyone see? 

Could anyone care to believe

that you're not who you've been? 

You've turned in your identity

and now you're just an entity

lost in a sea of personalities

without a label to be found. 

Yeah, i'm down 

because i've found 

that there's four hundred other people

who claim the same name. 

Yeah, i'm vain,

but is it our names 

that keep us all sane? 

The author's comments:

What do you do when you first see something new? You stick a name to it. & now that the thing has a name, you have become familiar with it and you feel like you know it. 

Okay, so you run into this thing, and you do not know what it is. So you name it: tree. Now, you can say, "I know that thing. That thing is tree. Oh, and that thing over there is rock, and this is grass." & in your mind, you think you know the thing, simply because you know it's name. 

But is this all just a lazy way to avoid going deeper? If we were not able to name the thing, the only way we could get to know it is by being around it, studying it, and taking time to appreciate it. But using a name provides an easy cop out from the real dedication and work involved in getting to know it. 


Names aren't real. They are just a lame way to force our minds to believe that we know someone.

But we don't. 

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