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childhood (a recollection)

May 3, 2016
By chessi.maria PLATINUM, Brooksville, Maine
chessi.maria PLATINUM, Brooksville, Maine
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a, b, c when I was little
and my fist fit in my mouth
I learned to sing my letters
as I brushed my teeth at night.


1, 2, 3 when I was little
and spoke just what I thought
I learned to count my numbers
as I fell asleep in bed.

bag, cat, sit when I was little
and believed what I was told,
I learned to fit my impulses
into squiggles on a page.


no, wait, hey when I grew older
and realized what I’d lost
by words and ways and hollowness
I wished I could go back.

The author's comments:

This is just fictional ;)

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