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May 3, 2016
By chessi.maria PLATINUM, Brooksville, Maine
chessi.maria PLATINUM, Brooksville, Maine
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de-mo-cra-cy. funny
word. roll it along
your tongue and between
your lips. heads will turn.


heads of Americans in powdered wigs;
the French in a tennis court;
heads on either side of
a curtain of iron, and across
an independent Third World.


people love  dem-
strive for idealize worship
-ocracy. whisper it into the night.
(heads will turn)


and where is the ideal dream
in a democracy forced
into being by an occupying nation?


or in a country where the would-
-be freely elected is banned
by law from presidency? or where


the people have a choice,
but only between two
almost equally hated candidates?


funny word.

The author's comments:

Just a little ramble I wrote.    >Democracy forced into being: I was thinking about the U.S. in Iraq  >Banned from presidency: Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma  >Two (often, at least) hated candidates: Right here in America!     Enjoy reading and tell me what you think :)

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