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Beyond the living (zombie series chapter 1)

May 10, 2016
By Dameon_Farris PLATINUM, Folton, District Of Columbia
Dameon_Farris PLATINUM, Folton, District Of Columbia
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Night began to fall,

And rain drops twinkle down upon my face,

I stood standing there,

Wishing to see another,

Alive preferably,

Rain drizzled harder as thunder roared in the background,

I knew i had to find shelter,

Or it was going to get worse,

My heart sank ever so deeper when I stepped over the corpses,

Step after step I crept silently,

I knew silence was the key,

The night sky and cool air was bringing an fluorescent chill down my spine,

I slowly step upon a door step of an old abandoned trailer,

It was old and made from what looked like scrap metal taped together,

I gently place my right ear upon the plastic door,

Listening for any commotion or movement,

So I knew if I should just keep going or enter,

Wasn't a minute or so when I heard light shuffling inside,

I knew I might as well keep walking as I wasn't prepared to fight,

I quietly backed up slowing making sure I wasn't noticed,

And began walking towards a house that was wooden and had an 3 way window,

I began walking towards the window,

Almost slipping on the wet slippery grass,

Rain continued to poor and thunder was becoming loader,

I peek my head over the glass to peep inside,

As for I wished it to be empty,

But knowing the chances were low,

I had no choice but to hope,

All I saw was a kitchen counter with a few beer bottles on the circular table,

And a old dog bowl that said Odie,

I wonder whatever happened to him?

Probably the same thing that happened to all of us,

Eaten by the virus,

On the upper part of the wall laid an picture,

It was that of an sherif and his wife and kids,

His wife wore blue jeans jacket and shaggy jeans,

She must of been an biker,

I sit quiet for what seemed like hours,

But was only about a minute or two,

I slowly kept my knees bent and moved towards the door,

God I hoped it was unlocked,

I reach up slowly and twirl the handle to the left,

Hoping it doesn't make a screeching noise,

Luckily it turned willingly,

I slowly open the door stepping inside,

Closing the door behind me locking it,

I knew I wasn't alone,

But I was still safer in here then out there in the open,

I could smell the death and the decay,

And we're there is decay there is the grey skins,

I try to keep a low profile,

Although I know il have to confront the problem eventually,

The smell was horrid,

Imagine filling a bag with fresh s***,

That has been packed full,

A combination of diarrhea and worms,

Great now imagine tying this bag on your face,

Okay now that I think about it,

That's still not as bad as what I am smelling right now,

I slowly creep in the living room,

We're there laid a couch on the far left wall,

In front of the couch was an wooden entertainment center,

With an small plasma tv,

I could see there was lots of movies,

That laid in a line on the entertainment center,

Ow how I wished they worked,

I slither my hands down my shaggy pants pocket,

And pull out an old fashioned show knife,

It wasn't all that great but was the only weapon I had,

I held it firm between my hands,

Ready for anything to come running at me,

I slowly approach the door on the far side of the room,

I could smell the death,

God I was about to throw up,

I slowly opened the door,

Inside lied an dog half eaten with its remains scattered upon the floor,

What a great guard dog this used to be,

I thought to myself,

I stepped over the dog were there appeared to be a hall,

Three doors lied there,

Two on the right side of the hall,

And one on the end,

I slowly walk down the hall,

Being cautious of my surroundings,

Whatever ate that dog wouldn't leave so easily,

That and the door was shut,

Grey skins can't open or close them,

So it couldn't of left,

I guess it's up to my ears to lead me to it,

As I walk down the hall,

I listen ever so carefully for any moans or shuffling,

If iv learned anything is they never stay still,

Always moving looking for a target,

I place my head upon the first door,

I could hear something,

But it wasn't moaning or shuffling,

Probably just an animal,

Who's wished to stay there for the night,

I move forward to the next far right room,

And just like that,


Something banged on the door,

Well that was easy,

I thought to myself,

I brace myself to attack,

Raising my knife while placing my hand on the door knob,

I open it quickly stabbing the grey skin in the forehead,

It dropped almost instantly to the floor,

Now lifeless,

The room was that of the children's room,

I guess they must of made it out,

Because they weren't here,

I stepped over the now lifeless corpse and bent over next to it,

How gross,

I thought to myself,

I slide my hand down his nasty pocket searching for anything,

That may be of use like an knife or an gun,

What I got instead was bag of pot,

Would of been a great find,

That is if lighters still existed,

I'm sure il find one later,

I stood up closing the door behind me,

I truly didn't wish to look further in that room,

I open the door upon the side wall,

I knew what it was,

No other room would be in a small location,

It was the bathroom,

I entered the room,

A little sick to the stomach,

Seeing no one has flushed in a century or two,

I closed the toilet lid,

And grabbed an towel,

And began drying myself off,

I will admit I was wet and cold,

After drying myself off I searched the sinks cabinets,

Only finding tooth past and a old tooth brush,

Yeah right like someone's gunna use these,

I closed the cabinets and stepped out,

And walked back to the living room,

And I sat on the couch leaning back taking a deep breath,

I knew there was probably more upstairs,

But I decided I'd just hang down here,

We're I know I'm safe,

No need to jinx my odds,

All I needed to know was that the rooms were clear,

All except that raccoon or rat,

Rather than that I was good,

I laid back placing my feet upon the arm of the couch,

And placed my knife upon my chest,

I knew I couldn't stay,

But I needed rest,

All I could think about was what had lead to this?

Well you know the virus,

Turning people into cannibalistic,

The kitchen door was shut and I had a peek in there beforehand,

So il search in there in the morning,

I'm exhausted,

But seriously,

It made me wonder what lead to it all

The author's comments:

The future is here.

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