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June 7, 2016
By FallenAngel11283 PLATINUM, Cincinnati , Ohio
FallenAngel11283 PLATINUM, Cincinnati , Ohio
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Her hands are breaking; she can’t play the flute. She can’t play the piano or the drums. She sits at the piano bench waiting for her hands to be ok so she can play. Her daddy broke her hands she’s so sad. Her daddy came home drunk she was excited to see him at first, she sat at her piano that her mama bought her for her birthday when she was 8.  She started to play for her dad but he got mad, so he threw her into the wall and broke her hands. He was drunk again, her mama wasn’t home she was out selling drugs to get some money. She told her mama to sell the piano so she wouldn’t have to sell drugs for a while. But her mama didn’t sell it, her daddy left and her mama died when she was 18. The girl got her own place she brought her piano with her. She was able to play again because her hands healed. She goes into her own world and forgets about her mama selling drugs. She continues to play the piano, she forgets about her daddy. The piano is the girls drug, her addiction, her medication. 

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