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Dark May

June 9, 2016
By EmpressPenn SILVER, Hoschton, Georgia
EmpressPenn SILVER, Hoschton, Georgia
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As day turns to night
I sit quietly to thinking of thought to  myself
No soul in my sight
Dark May should not be to oneself

Then along came a whisper
With good in his mind
It said “hey there sister”
My, my you are quite the “shine”

“Be to your nose”
I yelled in a horrid discuss
Then he proposed a white rose
And said sweetly “oh why the fuss”

I turned to see
That the man was but kindred
Not quite older than me
A smile oh so quiet vivid

“My apologies” kind sir
I mean no disrespect
a moment of Dark may will spur
But your gratitude I will collect

My, I find that quiet nice
For a women to be of confidence
For some free advice
Never cease to show your dominance

I smiled with cheeks
Like that of a rose
“Why you are very sweet”
I said with a twinkle of my nose

I wrapped my arm in his
And we walked the night away
Oh and that’s the sweet whizz
Who brought joy to my dark May!

The author's comments:

"This is a cute story of a girl sitting alone on a Dark May night. Along comes a gentlemen who tries to make her smile. Upset at his advance, she snaps at him. Shortly after she apologizes. She claims that it was the influence of the Dark May night. This is nothing more than a cute free verse story... i was bored so I just threw it together! Enjoy!"

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