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Unwanted Ambition

June 11, 2016
By Rebeccathedoorhinge SILVER, Plantsville, Connecticut
Rebeccathedoorhinge SILVER, Plantsville, Connecticut
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I have wanted to have an impact

On the world for a long time,

Well, maybe not that long, 

But, age aside, 

I want to help people.

That seems to be

Every young person's aspiration in life, 

But, having dreams isn't necessarily a bad thing, 

Especially dreams for other people. 


Older people tend to look down

Upon young, ambitious teenagers who

Are more open to the new and changing world. 

It makes sense, since we, 

The minority,

Are the black sheep, to them.

We are the ones trying to change their world.

Many people are afraid of change.

Afraid of something different.

And it's not uncommon to fear the new; 

But, it seems,

Those in higher power

Don't want to do the 

Uncommon thing, 

And listen to the new idea,

Put actual time and effort into the dreams

That they tell their own children to have.


The world will never stay the same.

People shouldn't either. 

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